Monday, 27 April 2009

" Stuart Cobham " Get Buzzy Ambition Coach

For the last 12 years I have been interested in Personal development and when the opportunity to become an ambition coach for kids came along it was the most natural and exciting direction for my life to move into.

I have 2 FANTASTIC kids and not only do I want to pass on my knowledge and experiences to them so they have a head start in the world, but also to share it with as many kids as I can!!!!

WHY!!!!! would any parent want their kids to go through ALL the CHALLENGES they have had to, in order to learn life's lessons, when from an early age they can be taught those lessons through your WISDOM!!

I have set up, with the help and co-operation of Mrs Ault, Head teacher, of Woodlea Junior School, a plan of action where by an initial assembly, and set of lessons for ALL years, from yr3-yr6, teaching "GOAL SETTING " using the G.A.T.E.S. system and completeing ONE goal for each area on the "WEALTH QUADRANT" below.....

ITS AMAZING What KIDS of today want to be and what they want for their future!!!

For Get Buzzy Education products and information go to and and CONTACT :

Stuart Cobham at or Phone UK : 07794872411 OR

Joe Esrtada at or Phone Brisbane, Australia : -61420575599



Joe Estrada - After 35 years in the workforce, 25 years in business' & 16 years teaching "How to improve your life with 21st century education ... for every area of life" - I realised that this should be taught from childhood.
TWO simple things the "Skill" of achieving what you want, your goals and financial education in the way of M.S.I.'s - Multiple Sourcesof Income.
Of the 1000's of people that I've spoken to most agree with this, but teach what ?
That's what I formed "Get Buzzy Education" to do find 21st Century answers for our children's futures ... and I found that they are out there !!!
I ask you to come on this success journey ... of destinations for our kids.
Live, Love and Laugh A LOT !!!!
Joe Estrada (Mr GOALS, G.A.T.E.S. & M.S.I.'s )